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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome to 1-1-11 The First Day of Your Free Amazing Ride Around Our Sun!

Discover Your Uniqueness, Contribute this to Make Our Planet A Better Place!

This is my challenge for you! Accept it and I promise to assist in whatever ways are possible. 

This date is as unique as each of us is. We are like no other, and yet we are ALL each others' sisters and brothers. Our souls are unique and yet intricately woven into the same Spirit. What each of does, affects so many others in so many tiny and hugh ways, most of which we shall never know, nor need to know. 

This the is the continuation of my blog I stated 10/17/10. I departed from my usual format during the month of December to devote an effort to assist job-seekers, especially the unemployed, deal with the many challenges of job-hunting in this difficult economy. I had created 13 Gift-Tips, each with a comment that included helpful links to colleagues who are experts in the field. 

I still have a few more Gift-Tips to add regarding careers/jobs, etc., that belong under my previous December post, "13 Days of Christmas-Want Change? Create It!", and will complete that very soon. That entire post will remain as a resource for anyone needing assistance regarding the many topics addressed within the 13 Gift-Tips.

But today, I feel compelled to at least start this new post on this special day, the first day of 2011. I will talk this year more about career-life, and the power of this paradigm to transform your life and the lives of others, including the importance of life-role balance. I will talk about "true self" and "false self" and the challenge that our "regular self" constantly struggles with as we continue our career-life journey and try to make wise decisions.  

I will talk about the small and huge events that happen to all of us that might appear as mere coincidences, and yet are often far more than that. I will talk about the magic of imagination, in each of us, not just "the creative people we see around us"; that magical power that we must unleash to live a fulfilled life and compete in the reality of today's global economy. And, I will talk about how to monetize this so that you can develop a plan, live your life, secure your needs and some of your wants, and enjoy your free annual ride around our sun.

Welcome to 1-1-11, the fist day of this next amazing ride around our sun!


  1. Looking forward to your blogs in 2011 as I begin this year to balance my roles in life AND to live each role to the fullest!!!

  2. Thanks Anonymous,
    I am excited to share insights and stories that hopefully will inspire and encourage people to create the changes they want in their lives. Happy New Year! EdC