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Dr. Edward Anthony Colozzi, Ed.D. 
Career Development and Counseling Services 
(Ed's private practice and consultation started in Hawaii 1985, and is now in located Massachusetts)

Contact Ed Directly: Phone (781) 721-1200  Twitter @EdwardColozzi  LinkedIn

Brief Bio
Edward Anthony Colozzi, Ed.D., and Creating Careers with Confidence is the owner of Career Development and Counseling Services and provides corporate trainings, individual counseling, career coaching, workshops, distance coaching, and motivational speeches for youth and adults. Ed pioneered and coined the “career-life" paradigm 1976-77 in Hawaii/throughout Pacific Basin Rim, and is the co-founder of the #schools2life Tweet Chat (was 2nd & 4th Thursdays 8-9pm EDT and for now inactive) and the LinkedIn schools2life Discussion Group. His work with "discovering client callings" involves Depth Oriented Values Extraction (DOVE) and he has published book chapters and articles on these and related topics. He wrote and produced a video, "Making Choices" for use with high school and college students, and his self-paced workbook, "Creating Careers with Confidence", was the first career-life self-paced book selected for publication in Braille internationally. It was also published by Pearson/Prentice Hall in 2009 and is available on most Internet book websites. 

Ed has developed Internet-based career guidance materials for K-12 students, including a guidance game for middle school students, and is the lead author for JA Worldwide (Junior Achievement) Economics for Success for middle school students and Careers with a Purpose for high school students. He has served in numerous teaching and counseling and career development center coordinator positions at both graduate and undergraduate levels for over thirty years, including providing in-service training for K-12 counselors and classroom teachers regarding the infusion of career-life guidance materials into the curricula in a variety of national and international settings.

Ed received his undergraduate psychology degree from Boston University, a masters and a doctorate in education and a second masters in counseling psychology from Columbia University and is a licensed mental health counselor, a nationally certified counselor, a master career counselor, and an NCDA Fellow.

Videos, articles, book chapters, tele-interviews, other projects that you might want to know about...

NEW 2017

* In Process: I am developing a six-part video series called Creating Careers with Confidence, that provides an enjoyable and informative research-based discussion and PowerPoint covering The ABC's of Making Career-Life Choices, including a special video for parents and educators.
* If you are interested in a special post and video I did have on the Deepak Chopra Well World site, I am arranging to have this video link available on my site in 2017. You can read about The Power of ONE on my website by searching for this specific post title in the archive section at the right side of my website. The unique video I am arranging to have linked on my site was inspired by the USA 911 experience and won a Regional and National Video Award. It will be offered free to interested persons/organizations and can be used by anyone in any country as a resource for promoting greater understanding for youth and adults about multicultural differences and conflicts, including faith traditions.
* "Disovering Your Career-Life Purpose" on Deb Scott's the "Best People We Know" Radio Show.

* Video- Visit Purpose Of Life Talk by Ed as a guest speaker on Susan Guild's  "Wake Up Your Magic" TV show. Ed provides an overview of "career-life", including his discussion of the World-of Work Map, some tips regarding making choices, and web resources for adults and youth.

* Articles - Visit DOVE (Depth-Oriented Values Extraction), to read about a values-based career recipe for success and satisfaction. 

Connecting with Ed 

Please feel free to ask a question or make a comment. If you do not want to leave your name, you may simply make your comment as "anonymous". Also please share this website or post with friends or colleagues who might be interested.

** Please visit this link for some year-round Gift-Tips under the Christmas Tree and enjoyable videos for adults and youth needing ideas and resources related to the job search including networking, resumes, job interviews, accepting and declining job offers, etc.

*** I am available for in-person or distance support and/or motivational presentations with adults and youth regarding topics in my posts, and offer a complimentary phone "mini-assessment" for those who might be interested in career-life counseling/coaching.

Please e-mail me and leave your best phone and time to call, and I will be happy to call you back if you are in the USA. Skype is also an option for anyone in the USA or abroad.

Contact me directly at (781) 721-1200 or 
Day, evening or weekend appointments are available.

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