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Order Creating Careers With Confidence on Then, feel free to join me and others using this blog in an on-going discussion about the workbook activities and your own progress. 

Thank you for visiting my website for "Creating Careers with Confidence" (CCC). I have written this self-paced workbook with the intention of being your companion and guide as you continue on your very personal and important journey through your crossroads of Career-Life choices

Hawaiiana Setting for Self-Reflection

This unique workbook is filled with enjoyable and powerful self-paced activities that will provide users with important insights about themselves, their career-life decisions, and their Best Next Steps. It is all presented in the context of authentic Hawaiiana
including reflecting under the Keiki BANYAN Tree at the Honolulu Zoo across from Waikiki Beach, and discovering the famous Golden Coconut on the beautiful Na Pali Coast on the island of Kauai. It's perfect for those who believe in "possibility-thinking", making dreams come true, and working hard to accomplish one's goals! 

I join you and collaborate with you through my words, your reflections, your life story and themes, and your desire to change the course of your life journey.

Use this workbook with a passion for living, and be challenged by it. Enjoy it and let it lead you to places where you know you belong. Treat this as your own mini-course on YOU, a guide to help you get your life on track and be successful. Good luck and happy career-life exploration and planning!

To read reviews of "Creating Careers with Confidence" by clients and colleagues, visit several customer reviews on Amazonand several colleague reviews featuring Sally Gelardin, Ed.D., Darrell Luzzo, Ph.D., and at Barnes & Noble, featuring Donald Super, Ph.D., and JoAnn Harris- Bowlsbey, Ed.D., all past presidents of the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and Janine Cirrito, Career Center Coordinator at Fullerton College.