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Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Second Chance--Because He Asked for Help!

This post is dedicated to Ted Williams--The Man with the Golden Voice.

Pan-Handling on the Streets of Ohio to National Television!

His story is inspiring because of the amazing way his life seems to be transforming so quickly in the past few days. Ted shared when things were going well in his past career,  he took all this for granted, and he turned to drugs and alcohol.

How many times do we take the good things in our lives for granted? How have we gone astray?

His story is inspiring because he acknowledged the actions of a higher power in his life.

He used to believe that God only blessed in increments. Yet, in the last few days, Ted has experienced a "big deluge of blessings" stating he feels like "a million dollar lottery winner, or Dorothy landing in OZ, or Susan Bolye...". He shared with NBC Today Show's Matt Lauer and Meredith Vieira that this past year, he developed a new sense of spirituality that involves acknowledging and thanking God on a daily basis in his life.

How often do we think our life is not lucky or blessed, or that God, or whatever higher power has meaning for us, is not working quickly enough for us?

His story is inspiring because of what he wrote on his little piece of cardboard as he was pan-handling for money by the off-ramp that often caught the attention of passengers in drive-by cars. He was so specific when he stated his special "God-given gift of voice".

Ted wrote the following on his cardboard sign:
"I have a God-Given gift of voice. I'm an ex-radio announcer who has fallen on hard times. Please! Any help will be gratefully appreciated. Thank you and God bless you. Happy Holidays."

How often do we not receive a response to our resume or perhaps have a poor job interview, because we were NOT clear and did not specify our skill-sets that potential employers need?

For people who are writing resumes, what a perfect lesson about being clear on what to say-telling it like it is! Ted did that on a little cardboard sign AND demonstrated his talents to people at his off-ramp location as they stopped to see him.

His story is inspiring because it demonstrates how easily and unexpectedly people can walk into our lives and cause a major change, often for the better. It also demonstrates the power of networking.

How often has this happened in our life, and has it happened recently? How has this affected our life?

Networking is the best way to share who we are and what we are looking for, with others who are in a position to help us. Ted William made a choice to "network" on the streets of Ohio, and it is paying off--big time!

A kind person did something for Ted beyond just giving him a few dollars and driving on. A passerby on the way to church with his family saw Ted by the off-ramp and gave him $20. A few days later the same person found him again and told Ted he had been looking for him. Then, the very next day, that same kind person, Doral Chenweth III, a videographer for the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio,  drove up and asked Ted if he might make a brief video of him. The now famous video seen around the world resulted in Ted being invited to the NBC Today Show during which he was  interviewed by Matt Lauer, Meredith Vieira, Ann Curry, and Al Roker. 

His story is inspiring because it reminds us to hold a dream job in our hearts, own it, and be willing to share it with others easily and with clarity.

Later during the NBC interview with Ann Curry and Al Roker, Ted was asked by Al Roker, "What is your dream job?". Ted easily responded, "I'd like to be music director of a popular radio station. I just want to have an input on programing so that I feel I have a taste for what people would like to listen to!"

Do we take time to reflect on our dreams, own what we want, believe what we dream, and do what gives us meaning and purpose-our calling?

His story is inspiring because this is not only a story about a second chance. It is a story about a man who asked for help, and how so many people have responded to this man's request for assistance.

All of the NBC Today Show hosts were concerned about Ted being able to finally stay on the right track, now that he has been given a second chance. Ted agreed it will be a challenge but feels confident. It seems a long-term "mentor" might be wise for Ted at this time, especially in light of his difficult past and quick-moving new beginnings that would be overwhelming for most of us. Perhaps NBC or someone else will step forward and provide this "mentoring" to help Ted be successful with his continuing career-life journey.

Have we experienced second chances? How did we respond, and did we seek a mentor to help us be successful as we continued our career-life journey?

All our lives evolve in the midst of both the goodness and chaos of the world about us. Big and tiny "miracles" happen to everyone all the time. Sometimes it seems some people don't experience many, if any, at all. Others seem to have their lives filled with good fortune. Perhaps only God understands how this all occurs. But for now, maybe we can learn a little bit from Ted William's experience.

Now enjoy the following clips that will tell Ted's amazing story, including Ted's self-disclose about his past life and challenges/mistakes, his emotions of gratitude and overwhelm, a reunion with his Mom, and his reaction to a job offer on the spot! The three clips should load automatically as you watch them, but click on the order as presented if they do not load.

Create second chances in your life and don't give up!  EdC


  1. So interesting! I have been following this heartwarming story since it broke all over the internet, but to be honest, until I read your blog I never looked at it in the "career" light. The questions you had us reflect on were perfectly highlighted by Ted Williams journey (ie: do we network, do we ask for what we want, do we specify our skill set, etc.). What a great example you made out of this amazing story! I will take time to reflect on the questions you posted! Thank you! Great blog!

  2. Thanks Anonymous! Career-life affects everyone and IS that sacred canvas upon which ALL our life experiences/relationships evolve. Ted's story is wonderful because it does reflect how big and small up's and down's occur is our lives as well. The main difference is that most of us don't get that Internet exposure Ted has received, we don't get on the Today Show or appear live with Jimmy Fallon, or do Kraft commercials a day after ending our pan-handling activities. But think about it; neither do most people go through the long years of drug and alcohol use, or have run-ins with the law as Ted has. But all of us have our own stories; maybe not as dramatic, but certainly just as meaningful to us and those in our lives. Thanks for your comment:) EdC