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Practitioner Tips

Welcome to Practitioner Tips--a special section for my respected colleagues wherever you may be, and in whatever setting you are presently working, e.g., school, college, agency, corporate, or private practice.

I will be posting tips, suggestions, research on "best practices", and other ideas that might be useful for your setting. I realize that many of you are in a wide variety of settings doing different activities, including creating career guidance programs, statewide computer guidance systems, coordinating career centers, teaching career exploration & planning courses, providing individual career counseling, coaching, or  perhaps facilitating a volunteer community support group for adults in transition in a library, church, synagogue, or mosque setting.

Please post your comments and ideas so we can all participate in learning from each other as we collaborate to promote excellent career development research and practice.

NEW 2017

* In 2017 I will be posting a six-part video series called Creating Careers with Confidence, that provides an enjoyable and informative research-based discussion and PowerPoint covering The ABC's of Making Career-Life Choices, including a special video for parents and educators.

Click on this Google PowerPoint that you might find useful as an overview for your students/clients regarding making wise and informed career and life choices.  It is based on Matching, Developmental, Decision-Making, and Constructivist theories, and provides colorful visuals, several easy activities useful for career exploration, and live resource links. Links in the reference section are more geared for practitioners, e.g., Constructivist theory and one that provides assistance regarding building comprehensive career development programs. You may use this in your setting, offer it to a colleague, or provide the link to your students/clients to access on their home computer.

I will be re-doing the above referenced PowerPoint in 2017.

Thank you for your ideas, contributions, and all that you do to promote excellent career development worldwide; a special calling indeed to foster people's self worth, raise self-efficacy beliefs, and help people discover their own special callings, so they are able to contribute their gifts back to our person at a time!