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Saturday, November 27, 2010

What A Wonderful World! Welcome MEH!

I want to post some very exciting news today.

My daughter just gave birth to a baby girl (MEH), the first for her and her husband, and my first grandchild!

Mom and Pops and MEH are doing fine!
I want to respect the privacy of my daughter and her husband, so I will not be sharing lots of information here.

But it is interesting to note that in my second blog posted this November 1, 2010,  I Am My Father's Son, I shared about my own first experience with childbirth when I was a youth, 14 years old. My Dad an OB Doc, brought me into the delivery room to watch him deliver a baby.

It was a powerful and wonderful experience for me. It was at that very moment, almost 52 years ago, when I first heard that little baby boy cry as he was born, that I made a huge decision about my own career path.

Please read that blog if you like, as a way to witness my own inner workings as I made an instant decision to be a medical doctor.

*** Also, please take a few moments to watch a most amazing video with a great song I have included below, and an additional version of the same song you will truly love, as a way to dedicate this day, and this brief blog post, to my new wonderful and amazing granddaughter, MEH, and to my daughter and her husband as they take on their new parent role. 

My daughter shared with me, that MEH gave out such a loud cry earlier today as she was born, the doctors and nurses in the delivery room laughed out loud themselves!

Yes, the cry of a child at childbirth does remind us of our very powerful universal emotions of joy, love, and gratitude, and the good things that really make up most of this world, even though there’s much work to be done by all of us to make our world even better.

And that’s the stuff of my work, my calling, to help others move through the transitions of life and choose career-life roles that indeed provide real meaning and purpose, and somehow contribute back to this world, just as my own Dad helped babies move through their own first real transition from their Mother’s womb, to this wonderful world.

*** Enjoy this brief amazing video as Louis Armstrong sings his world famous song, What A Wonderful World, and a unique version of the same song woven within "Over The Rainbow" by an incredible Hawaiian musician, singer-song writer, Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. Hawaii and the people of Hawaii are very special to me and all my family for many reasons. Thanks for reading this blog entry. EdC


  1. Congratulations on your granddaughter. May God grant her a long and joyous life. That IS exciting news!

  2. Congratulations granddad!

    And MEH, you go girl,,, let the world know you have arrived ...

  3. Thanks Rick and Pete,
    This really is such wonderful news, and it's all part of the career-life paradigm. The important parent role, into which many people put enormous amounts of time and energy, often for about 20 plus years these days, is a role that affects all other roles. Each role we play continues to affect all other roles throughout our life journey. Like that amazing video says, "What A Wonderful Life!" EdC

  4. Hi Ed,

    Congratulations on the birth of your sweet granddaughter! How lovely! My warmest wishes to you and your family, and a special note of congratulations to your daughter, her husband, and MEH!

    Warm wishes,


  5. Hi Shahrzad,
    Thanks so much for your kind sentiments. This event happens every day to so many families throughout our world, but really hits home when it's your own family! Regards, EdC

  6. Such wonderful news! Congratulations and enjoy! ~Stevie

  7. Thanks Stevie,
    You know the great joy children bring to one's life:) Appreciate your comment. Regards, EdC

  8. MEH is a new hope for the world!
    Congratulations, Ed, to you and your family.

  9. Thank you "Anonymous",
    I love your "new hope for the world!" comment, as it is timely for this Blessed season. And it also reflects some of my personal feelings about the integration and passing on of family genes (my daughter and her husband) that contain those special traits, characteristics, and talents, that manifest in our children, grandchildren and into future generations--the miracle of birth and the continuing human journey of HOPE for us all; something wonderful to behold. Regards, EdC